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Elite Fighter Entry



Elite bouts will be held on Sunday 16th June

Elite World Champion Belt

Elite title fights 6 x 2 minute rounds

Free entry with 10 tickets sold or sanctioning donation

This Masters ‘Elite’ Fight Night is a hallmark event in the boxing calendar taking place in the vibrant city of London on Sunday 16th of June 2024. Sanctioned by the World Boxing Union (WBU), this event stands out as a testament to the skill, endurance, and spirit of elite level master boxers. The atmosphere is expected to be electric! 


The ‘Elite Master’ boxers will battle it out for WBU Master European and World titles.  This is the chance to see former ex professional combat sports athletes from boxing, kickboxing and mma roll back the clock again and battle for international honours. 


Behind the scenes, the event is supported by a team of experienced professionals, from referees to medical staff, ensuring that the tournament is conducted with the highest standards of safety and fairness. The WBU's sanctioning of the event underscores its significance and adherence to the rigorous regulations that govern the sport of boxing.

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